Jim Tompkins and the Amazon Effect

One of the growing trends we have talked about in this space is the increase in urban delivery challenges and the need for sophisticated urban delivery models, including what types of pallet and reusable packaging will best meet those needs going forward.

We’ve looked at everything from low-noise roll cage wheels to smaller footprint pallets and containers, to pallets with retractable wheels. Now a thought provoking new video from Jim Tompkins suggests that the urban delivery challenge is shaping up for even more attention.

That video looks at the rapidly growing yet mysterious Amazon. The growth of Amazon in the online retailing space is well known, but now Jim Tompkings argues that they are also your company’s biggest competitor – “regardless of the products you sell or your industry focus.”

“I have done extensive research into the Amazon Effect and want to help you understand more about your supply chains by learning how this huge phenomenon is changing the business world,” Jim says. “The traditional thinking around customer satisfaction, distribution networks and operations is obsolete given the crossroads that we sit at today.”

See Jim’s new video on the Amazon Effect.

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