Jaguar Land Rover Extends Contract with CHEP in Europe

Cologne (Germany), July 6th, 2010 – As Jaguar Land Rover is gearing up for production increases to meet consumer demand, the hallmark brand has extended its contract with CHEP, the equipment pooling provider. Jaguar Land Rover will continue to use CHEP’s small box KLT Full Service and the large folding stillage FXC Managed Service. CHEP has been providing its services to Jaguar Land Rover since 2000.

Jaguar Land Rover identified a number of specific benefits that CHEP offers, including removing the need to use capital to purchase and maintain the containers, and not having to use its resources to ensure a supply of high quality containers is available to support its production operation. Using CHEP containers, which are continually recycled across the supply chain, also delivers significant environmental benefits when compared with the one-way packaging. Extending the contract ties-in with the carmaker’s strategy to limit the environmental impact of its operations.

David Mayo, Director European Key Accounts, CHEP Automotive Europe said: “Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to continue to use the CHEP pooling system is a clear statement that environmental issues are a key concern for the car maker. Apart from all the other advantages including cost savings and improved efficiencies, CHEP offers a more environmentally sustainable solution when compared with disposable packaging alternatives.”

CHEP will continue to serve Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood, Solihull and Castle Bromwich plants in the UK. The fact that Jaguar Land Rover and CHEP have worked together for a number of years means that this contract extension will not result in any significant disruption to the established processes and the supporting infrastructure that is already in place.

Mr. Mayo said: “We are delighted with Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to extend its contact with CHEP and we are confident that other Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers will also see the advantages of using the CHEP service, in order to realise efficiency, cost saving and environmental benefits.”

Through the extension of this agreement CHEP is able to support Jaguar Land Rover’s vision of delivering superior service, technological excellence and sustainable growth. Jaguar Land Rover is anticipating strong business performance that will benefit its suppliers and business partners in the months and years ahead.

About CHEP

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