Is Australasia Retail Ready for This Kind of Partnership in Reusables?

As reported here in September, Loscam and Polymer Logistics have partnered to offer retail ready packaging services to the Australasian market.

Since 1994, Polymer Logistics has been launching new, innovative solutions for Retail Ready Packaging with leading retailers and suppliers. The company has brought significant cost reductions in the operations of both retailers and suppliers, says Ran Shavit, Business Development and Sales Director. He says that innovation and quality of service have been keys to the company’s success.

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Loscam has formed a key alliance with Polymer Logistics

Polymer Logistics operates with global leading blue chip retailers such as UK supermarket chain Tesco, Carrefour, HEB, Sainsbury and Asda as well as FMCG companies including Coca-Cola, Cotte Gerber, Nestle and many others.

“Polymer Logistics is a company that specialises in expertise in ‘One Touch’ solutions for Retail Ready Packaging,” explains Ran Shavit.

“What makes us unique is that we are a combination of two types of companies – we are developers of our solutions with our own R&D division and manufacturing facility, but we are also the service providers or poolers of our own solutions for our retail partners. This gives us a good understanding of the market needs and allows us to lead the innovation in this business.”

The business’s philosophy is ‘Strive for More’ – a philosophy that fits neatly with Loscam’s own focus on continuous improvement, innovation and aspiring to increasingly high levels of customer service.

“We provide solutions which are aimed at bringing our customers cost reductions, operational benefits and environmentally friendly solutions to all parts of the chain – Supplier, Logistic loop and, most importantly, Point of Sale,” says Ran.

In June this year, Loscam and Polymer Logistics entered into a partnership agreement for the Asia region and for Australia and New Zealand that sees Loscam become exclusive distributors of Polymer Logistics’ innovative solutions using its unique range of foldable crates, smart bins, dollies and display pallets.

Ran Shavit says the partnership was formed with the understanding that Loscam’s great local reputation and service and Polymer Logistics advanced solutions and expertise, means both companies can offer a winning proposal to potential and existing customers.

“For some time we’ve been looking for a partner in the Asia Pacific region because we cannot be everywhere all the time. We developed this relationship with Loscam as they have trust, good ties and relations with customers in the market we want to penetrate,” he says.

Head of Marketing and Development for Loscam, David Edwards has been working closely with Polymer Logistics Europe based team and Loscam’s Australian development team to ensure readiness of the business before the launch.

“Instead of Loscam trying to develop new solutions in the retail ready space, we can leverage Polymers expertise and products to introduce retail ready solutions that suit our Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and Chinese customers. Now Loscam can offer unique solutions that customers won’t find anywhere else. Innovation is crucial to Loscam and our relationship with Polymer Logistics will deliver real value to our customers” David said.

One such unique solution recently released by Polymer Logistics is the new Crystal Clear crate range aimed primarily at the dairy, cereals and snacks categories. Polymer Logistics also has a range of rising floor smart bins and rolling pallets for the beverage category.

“Loscam’s customers will have the opportunity to see the most advanced solutions in Retail Ready Packaging in the world,” says Ran Shavit.

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