Introducing the Series 800 Stretch Wrap System

Millwood, Inc. to Debut Series 800 at MODEX

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Millwood, Inc. will be debuting its Liberty Technologies branded Series 800 stretch wrap system in booth 1735 at MODEX in Atlanta April 4 – 7.

This conveyorized, fully automatic, high-speed rotary arm stretch wrap system is equipped with dual film carriages that allow for optimal pre-stretch levels of up to 300 percent and wraps more than 100 loads per hour.

It comes equipped with two state of the art technologies: FAST (Force Anticipation Stretch Technology) and Film Consumption Analysis.

FAST is an innovative film feed system that precisely delivers stretch film to the load based on actual load dimensions. This advanced technology prevents film breakage due to stretch film defects and product load puncture hazards and provides a broad range of force to load applications on heavy or light loads, preventing product defamation.

Film Consumption Analysis is a stretch film monitoring system that provides an accurate reading of the film applied to the load. It indicates the stretch film utilized on the existing roll, provides a history of film consumption and pre-stretch levels on the last 30 pallet loads and manages the total film used and load containment.

This system comes with a true “No Thread” film carriage and cut and wipe down system, providing for a totally automatic system.

It’s designed to wrap A, B and C loads of all sizes, weights and heights and will keep up with the most demanding production rates.

“The FAST (Force Anticipation Stretch Technology), Film Consumption Analysis, process rates and warranties are what set this system aside from the rest,” said Rich Evick, Millwood, Inc. Director – Engineered Systems. “Show attendees do not want to miss the opportunity to see and learn more about this system. There’s not one like it at the show,” Evick added.

This system is available on, our e-commerce website with easy ordering for all types of packaging products and material handling systems.

System Warranties

  • 3-year unlimited cycle warranty on the system
  • 10-year warranties on the self-lubricating, 25-ring gear, with pinion drive, and steel frame
  • Lifetime warranty on the pre-stretch rollers