Introducing the New CHEP Half Pallet

Get ready for the new CHEP half pallet. Here, in a nutshell, is the latest offering by CHEP for the U.S. market, as presented in this infographic. It is provided exclusively to by CHEP.

CHEP Half Pallet

Globally, CHEP issues around 100 million half pallets annually – so it seems reasonable that there might be some interest in the United States as well – especially given the growing trend towards in-store promotions and display pallets which act to boost sales while reducing touch labor at retail.

Of course there are two versions of the North American half pallet – the 48×20-inch size used by CHEP Canada as well as the new 24×40-inch.

Why did CHEP go with the latter? The pallet specification in large part reflected the preferences of CHEP clients. CHEP received a 100 percent response rate from customers in its half pallet survey.

While 48×20-inch (the size used by CHEP Canada) is perfect for many end cap or end-aisle displays, it typically requires being doubled up on a full size pallet for movement through the supply chain.  The 40×24-inch pallet, on the other hand, should handle nicely without the extra pallet base which results in greater cost as well as cube loss. More stable, and easily handled with a standard pallet jack, the 40×24 is also amenable for in-aisle display, should the North American market follow European trends in this respect. Ninety percent top deck coverage facilitates consumer pack placement directly on the top deck, without need for a corrugated sheet.

For more information, contact CHEP.

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