International Reusable Packaging Deal Results from RPA Pavilion

Septodont, a provider of qual­ity mate­ri­als for the den­tal pro­fes­sion, has pur­chased reusable con­tain­ers from Anwood Logis­tics Sys­tems to help reduce prod­uct dam­age dur­ing cross-Atlantic shipments.

Septodont pur­chased Magix S10 reusable con­tain­ers from Anwood after see­ing the reusable con­tain­ers at the Reusable Pack­ag­ing Association’s Pavil­ion at the PACK EXPO trade show in Sep­tem­ber. Septodont will con­duct a pilot to see if the reusable con­tain­ers reduce ship­ping dam­age to its high qual­ity den­tal prod­ucts. Fin­ished prod­uct, like hand creams and other prod­ucts for den­tists, is fre­quently shipped to and from the company’s sites in the US to and from com­pany head­quar­ters in France in cor­ru­gated boxes.

“Prod­uct dam­age is an ongo­ing issue for us,” said Corey Fitzgib­bons, Logistics/Project Super­vi­sor for Septodont, Confi-Dental Divi­sion. “We need a bet­ter con­tainer than cor­ru­gated card­board to pro­tect our product.”

The rugged but light­weight Magix S10 con­tain­ers are designed to be reused for 500 trips. They weigh only 30 kilo­grams total, and the con­tainer lids are light­weight to make it easy for work­ers to han­dle. When not in use, the con­tain­ers col­lapse to one-sixth their orig­i­nal size for easy stor­age and freight optimization.

“Right now, we use count­less cor­ru­gated con­tain­ers that are thrown away after one use,” said Fitzgib­bons. “If this pilot works, we can reduce our envi­ron­men­tal foot­print, but the most impor­tant ben­e­fit will be reduced prod­uct dam­age which affects our bot­tom line.”

Fitzgib­bons pur­chased the con­tain­ers after vis­it­ing Anwood’s booth in the Reusable Pack­ag­ing Association’s (RPA) Reusable Pack­ag­ing Pavil­ion. Anwood, which is located in China, is a mem­ber of the RPA.

“The RPA Pavil­ion was a great oppor­tu­nity for us to meet poten­tial cus­tomers in the United States,” said Tony Sun, Gen­eral Man­ager, Anwood Logis­tics Sys­tems. “Belong­ing to the RPA has helped us increase our busi­ness in the US.”

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