Interested in a New Hybrid? No This Isn’t Vampire Diaries

Actually it is a potential investment opportunity. If you’ve been forced to follow the Vampire Diaries television show as I have been by a certain someone this season, you know that Klaus and his resolve to create new hybrid werewolf vampires have been a source of no small concern to the curious but resilient inhabitants of Mystic Falls.

Equally curious to Australian innovator Bede Whiteford, is why his innovative hybrid pallet (leader board system) hasn’t caught on yet. Picture a wood block pallet, with the high impact end board and block components replaced by a single plastic part at each end. Something like that. The result, Bede says, is a pallet with the durability of plastic, but at a dramatically better price point.

Bede states that his Texas-based investor group is close to reaching their initial financial objective, but there is still a window of opportunity for potential investors. Time is running out, just like for Klaus…hopefully.

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