Intelleflex and Jamison Partner to Help Perishable Food Industry Reduce Shrink

Intelleflex, a leading provider of on-demand data visibility solutions, has announced a partnership with Jamison RFID, a division of Jamison Door Company, to introduce state-of-the-art RFID temperature-monitoring capabilities for perishable foods. Jamison will incorporate Intelleflex XC3 Technology™ RFID readers and tags as part of its warehouse and portal systems to provide for the management of cold-storage solutions. According to the announcement, the new solutions will enable users to deploy RFID for on-demand temperature monitoring and drive informed decisions on product shipment, and inventory management and rotation to reduce shrink by 50% and improve operations.

Jamison selected Intelleflex XC3 Technology for features and functionality not available in C1G2 passive or C1G2 Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID. XC3 Technology is based on the ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 standard and delivers the performance of active RFID at a fraction of the price. Intelleflex uniquely provides Jamison’s customers with specific capabilities not available in other passive RFID offerings:

1. Range: Read and write ranges of 300 feet or more — 4 times that of C1G2 BAP.
2. Reliability: Accurate read and write operation in RF-unfriendly environments including metals, liquids, or items in-motion.
3. Performance: Up to 10 times download speeds of C1G2 BAP for quick access of sensor data.
4. Control: Precise, pallet-level temperature monitoring throughout the cold-storage area and in-transit that optimizes the rotation of perishables and enables FEFO (First Expired, First Out) inventory management. Support for multiple alarm states to quickly and easily locate at-risk perishables with real-time notification.
5. Battery life: Re-usable tags with up to four times the battery life over standard C1G2 BAP for easier and more cost-effective deployments.

With the partnership, Intelleflex and Jamison are enabling a new generation of solutions addressing the increasing complexities of cold storage of perishables while maintaining backward compatibility with C1G2 protocol support for item level tracking. Intelleflex tags can be reliably read at the speed-of-commerce in pallets and totes without unpacking. The performance of Intelleflex readers and tags, combined with the features and functionality of Jamison doors and portals, provides warehouse managers with the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy new solutions without having to restructure workflows or impacting operations.

“Reliability, control, and monitoring are the key components for managing perishables throughout the cold supply chain,” said Tim Buckley, division director of Jamison RFID. “Our partnership with Intelleflex gives us a competitive advantage by introducing solutions that reflect the realities of cold storage today — a growing need for greater read and write ranges, selectivity to track specific perishable items, and pallet-level monitoring, along with access to rich data that gives customers ultimate control over perishables.”
“Jamison uniquely recognizes the need to deploy the latest technologies in helping industry get the upper hand on reducing shrink and improving profitability,” said Peter Mehring, CEO of Intelleflex. “Jamison is applying the proven benefits of XC3 Technology to cold-chain challenges, while demonstrating that RFID, together with advanced door technology, can provide a significant reduction in loss of perishables and the related costs.”

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