Insights from the Supply Chain Trenches: RPA Reusable Packaging Forum April 28-29 in Chicago

CORBIS1-00186498-001Whether you are exploring the concept of reusables, or you’re a veteran user who wants to get more return from your investment, you’ll learn something valuable and tangible at the RPA Reusable Packaging Forum in Chicago. Register now; early bird discount ends March 31.

The Forum agenda – which was designed by users of reusables – includes presentations and case studies from companies that have successfully implemented reusables, and opportunities to discuss your particular challenges with supply chain peers in moderated learning sessions. And you’ll gain a global perspective from our two keynote speakers who have far-reaching supply chain experience.

The panelists are experienced at developing strategies for tackling the challenges people face when implementing or refining a reusable supply chain. They’ll explain how to map out an entire supply chain system to prepare for implementation, drill down to cost modeling, and demonstrate how to manage the flow of containers to gain a stronger ROI. Each presentation will be followed by a moderated learning session where attendees will share their pain points and best practices, and problem solve their challenges.

Session 1: Best Practices for Implementing Reusable Supply Chain Solutions

An industry panel of users will detail their lessons learned and best practices for each of the four stages of a reusables strategy: Understanding, Acceptance, Implementation, and Refinement. The panelists are: Phil Davis, Senior Perishables Supply Chain Manager, The Kroger Company; Cindy Doman, Senior Packaging Engineer, Greenhouse, Herman Miller; Harry Chase, Vice President, Logistics, Kimura; and Bob Klimko, New Business Development Director, ORBIS Corporation.

Session 2: The Business Case for Reusable Packaging

Using case studies from companies in different markets, the panelists will detail the cost structure of reusable packaging systems from a new startup to a mature system in both open and closed loop systems. Content will include the ways to quantify and build a business case for reusables, and establishing clear metrics to measure the success of a reusable system.

The panelists are: Michelle Fay, Program Manager,; Dan Walsh, President – North America, IFCO; Luis Rivas, Director, Customer Solutions, CHEP; and Steven McGhee, Senior Director, Global Marketing & Cross Sector Sales, Brambles.

Session 3: Controlling Your Assets and Preventing Loss

Using case studies from Pepsi, the dairy industry, and other markets, the panelists will explain the different technologies and methodologies for tracking and retrieving reusable assets. They will also present best practices for gaining visibility into your supply chain and recovering your assets, and models for successful engagement of law enforcement to minimize theft.

The panelists are: Charles Daoud, Director – US Development, Wave Reaction; Kaley Parkinson, Director, Applied Technology Sales and Business Development, Rehrig Pacific Company; Kevin Marrie, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, The Kennedy Group; Mike Hachtman, President, reLogistics Services; Paul Koleske, Director, Logistics & Asset Management, Tosca; Keith Schall, Director, IT Global Containers, CHEP; and Willy Lai, Vice President of Asset Management, iGPS.

Keynote Speakers

Transform Your Supply Chain to Win: Innovate, Change, or Succumb!

Keynote speaker Richard J Sherman is the CEO & Founder of Gold & Domas Research. His book, Supply Chain Transformation: Practical Roadmap to Best Practice Results, has received praise by practitioners, academics, and non‐supply chain executives as a great read on business transformation. He will share his experience of pragmatically and creatively spawning innovation – within the supply chain, and well beyond – using supply chain leverage to break the rules and think outside the box.

As a research director, Sherman successfully launched the supply chain advisory services for AMR Research (now Gartner) and led in the development of the SCOR® model, founding the Supply Chain Council, and serving on its board. He has served on the working committees for several industry initiatives including DAMA/Quick Response, Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR). Throughout his career, Sherman has held senior management positions with visionary technology firms such as EXE, Syncra, and Numetrix, and marketing leading corporations such as Microsoft, Information Resources (IRI), Mercer Management Consulting, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and Unisys. He has contributed scores of articles and speaks frequently on supply chain trends and models. He received his BA and MA from Notre Dame.

What US Companies Can Learn from Reusable Packaging Systems in Europe

  • Joe Kelly, General Manager, USA & Western Overseas, at K.Hartwall, has applied cutting-edge technology, analysis and know-how to the development of last mile and multi-channel load carrier solutions for global retailers and suppliers including ASDA-Walmart, Aldi, The Kroger Company, Walgreens, Tesco and Sainsbury. During his presentation, Kelly will explore:
  • The market drivers that necessitate changes in reusable transport packaging (RTP) formats and enabling processes at stores, transport and distribution centers.
  • The challenges and benefits of RTP in the supply chain.
  • Best fit enabling equipment, handling processes and technology.
  • Business case analysis and validation for RTP systems.
  • RTP development in a demand-led multi-channel market.

Kelly has worked for K.Hartwall, Finland for the last 18 years where he has advised on strategic and commercial management, and held the position of Commercial Director for the UK and Ireland before becoming General Manager North America and Western Overseas. Previously, he worked as Commercial Director for Tetra Pak Ireland for 12.5 years.
The Application of Lean Factory Principles to the Supply Chain

Jerker Hartwall, President & CEO and head of Marketing & Sales for K.Hartwall North America, will share his practical experience with the application of Lean Factory Principles to the supply chain. Hartwall has held various positions with the company over the past 21 years. Prior to his move to the Unites States, he was in charge of K.Hartwall’s Global Delivery Network including manufacturing and sourcing. He also oversaw manufacturing in plants in Finland, China, and Central Europe.

See you in Chicago!