Innovations from Custom Built Plastic Pallets


What happens when you need plastic pallets that are custom sized? One cost effective solution may be to look at an extruded plastic solution, which negates the time and cost of mold creation.

palletwithrollsWith customers looking for such custom solutions, the last year has seen a number of innovations from extruded plastic pallet provider Custom Built Plastic Pallets in response to such needs. These new developments include end caps to reinforce the already robust design, a new one-inch non-slip deck board to easily meet the needs of very heavy products, and finally, “wheeled” custom built storage caddies/pallets which the company states deliver revolutionary warehouse convenience at a competitive price.

The end caps are engineered to provide protection to the stringers of the pallet against forklift tine damage. The company started with a pallet built for each application and employed stringent product testing to ensure a zero percent failure rate. The addition of end caps to these custom built pallets serves as a safeguard against wear and tear from forklifts, increases service life, and boosts return on investment for customers.

custom-built-pallet-examples_14In another example of innovation at Custom Built Plastic Pallets, when a customer required a more reliable option for shipping 55-gallon drums, the company engineered a heavy duty model with new one-inch deck board to perform with even the heaviest loads, while the non-slip deck surface ensures that 55-gallon drums or other ultra-heavy products will not shift during transport. They are ideal for conveying systems, distribution and static storage within the warehouse, long term storage or the demands of international shipping.

Yet another innovation is the storage pad/pallet on wheels. Sometimes job flow in the plant calls for additional mobility on the line, yet a forklift is not always available or cost effective. This is the opportunity for wheeled pallets. These units, equipped with casters and brakes, provide maximum functionality. Customers specify the type of load they need to move and/or store and CBPP’s engineers design a perfect storage pad/pallet with casters.

Custom Built Plastic Pallets produces extruded plastic pallets that are custom engineered and built specifically for the needs of each customer. These made-to-order pallets are constructed from recycled material. Size, number of stringers, number and thickness of deck boards, static weight capacities, use of casters and other accessories are all tailor-made to provide customized solutions, not a “one size fits all’ pallet.

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Source: Custom Built Plastic Pallets