Inflatible Packaging Reuse Gives Shippers a Cushion

Sealed Air has launched the Wonderfil™Wrap packaging solution, a completely reusable and inflatable void fill packaging solution designed to serve the needs of small to medium volume operations with limited available space.inflatible

The new system consists of a wall-mountable automatic inflator, which inflates polyethylene wraps. The unique valve feature allows users to deflate the packaging after use, so it can later be re-inflated and reused for additional shipments. The space-saving design and simple loading and operation make the Wonderfil™ Wrap system an ideal solution for offices, home-based businesses, industrial operations and shipping operations with one or multiple pack stations.

“The Wonderfil™ Wrap system is smaller and more compact than most inflatable void fill packaging systems,” said Dave Weiss, Marketing Manager, Sealed Air. “The uniquely small footprint of the system allows customers of all sizes to utilize our on-demand, inflatable packaging solutions to protect items from damage during shipping. This, in addition to the reusability of Wonderfil™ Wrap packaging, aligns with Sealed Air’s SmartLife™approach to sustainability, which includes a focus on reducing waste by preventing product damage.”

The Wonderfil™ Wrap system works by inflating an entire sheet of polyethylene Wonderfil™Wrap material with the unit’s inflator fan, which automatically stops once the sheet is inflated. After the inflated wrap is removed by the operator, the next wrap in the cartridge automatically inflates. The system requires no heat sealing or cutting onsite.


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