Infiniti Research Forecasts the Top Market Trends in the Industrial Packaging Industry


LONDON–Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the top market trends in the industrial packaging industry.

Globally, the market for industrial packaging is quite different from the consumer packaging market and is currently witnessing impressive growth, making it one of the most lucrative markets for investments. The growth of the packaging industry is driven by industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, food and beverages, and construction. Industrial packaging is primarily done to maintain a protective barrier, control release of hazardous materials, and provide information on the content inside. The purpose of industrial packaging is to protect large parts or machinery, big cartons, corrugated boxes, plastic or fiber drums, protective films, wooden boxes, and specialized pallets.

“Companies in the industrial packaging market are striving hard to maintain a balance between controlling packaging waste and creating packaging materials that provide the required strength and performance,” says an expert from Infiniti Research.

Trends in the Industrial Packaging Market


A huge amount of toxic and non-toxic waste is generated by manufacturing companies. A major part of this waste comprises of packaging waste. To reduce amount of waste generated, many legislations encourage the principle of 3Rs – reduce, reuse, and recyclein the industrial packaging market. Reusing the packaging material is not just ecofriendly but reduces the overall packaging cost. Items such as wooden boxes, fiber drums, and specialized pallets used in the industrial packaging market can easily be reused. Even heavy industries like steel and metal are promoting sustainable development. 

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Optimal pack shape

The total logistics and distribution costs are determined using the shape of the pack. Since many freight companies calculate the shipping cost based on volumetric weight, optimizing the shape of the pack to occupy minimal space can cut down costs for businesses. For instance, preferring a cubic shape instead of the cylindrical shape of steel or plastic drums can help save space. Similarly, packing of containers in the rectangular-shaped rigid IBCs increases the total amount of cargo that can be transported in a single trip in the industrial packaging market.  


Downgauging is effective method that helps reduce the total amount of materials used in packaging. It also helps in improving packaging efficiency and allows companies to reduce their spend on packaging materials. For example, with the help of technological advancements, the weight of multiwall paper sacks used in the construction industry have been reduced without sacrificing performance or strength. Such advancements reduce both the transportation and logistics cost and ease material handling. 

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