Industry Designs Long-term Solution for CC Container Shelves

Container Centralen (CC) and representatives from the European horticultural industry have agreed to come up with a long-term solution to the CC Container shelf quality problem. An alternative being considered is to introduce a new plastic shelf to replace the current wooden shelf.

When CC announced on February 6th that they will no longer repair copy shelves for the CC Container, reactions in the market clearly showed that a different solution was desired. CC therefore met with managers from a range of companies in the European horticultural industry and agreed to find an alternative solution together within a four weeks period. It has been decided that shelf handling and repair services from CC will remain unchanged as they were before February 6th. However, CC will strictly monitor the inflow of shelves to reduce misuse of the system.reusable packaging floral cart Container Centralen

On Friday March 9th, the group met for the third time and agreed as well to set up a project group, which will be headed by an external consultant. The group will consist of market experts from VGB members, FloraHolland, Landgard, GASA Group and Container Centralen. The group will make a detailed feasibility and implementation plan for a long-term sustainable CC Container system and will also determine how the existing wooden shelves, especially the broken ones, will be handled until a long-term solution is implemented. The implementation plan will be ready from the project group by the end of June.

– “It has been a good process, and I am pleased that so many managers from leading companies in the industry have been involved,” says Tonny Vangsgaard Gravesen, CEO of CC.

Due to the current financial situation of CC caused by the high increase in repair costs coming from copy shelves, it is important to address this short-term too. One of the objectives of the project group is therefore to find a solution solving this short-term financial aspect as the inflow of broken copy shelves is not covered by the current pool fee.

– “Everybody has a clear understanding that in order to keep a sustainable pool, further steps will have to be taken now. It is very positive that we have agreed on developing a long-term solution that has a 100 % commitment from the entire group. The short-term solution is, however, just as needed for the daily operations this year and in the coming years,” Tonny Vangsgaard Gravesen concludes.

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