India-Based Automotive Packaging Supplier Seeks Joint Venture Partnership and Investors

Stacus Solutions – An India based company with business lined up worth USD 5.5 million looking for Joint Venture Partnership and Investors for their Domestic and Intercontinental flows.

Stacus reusable packaging India


Started in 2017 by an aspiring team with the combined experience of over 50 years in the packaging and logistics industry, the group formed a limited company in 2018. Stacus came up with an innovative concept which is its showroom experience for packaging solutions. Its vision is to be the world’s foremost packaging solution provider for every product in the global automotive industry.

Stacus states that it approaches the market with a unique business model, total cost and multi-material engineering which adds value for businesses, the supply chain, and the environment.

With a motto of “Pack it simple, make it viable and move it all over the world,” Stacus goes with the drive factors of:

  • Fit to Product – Fit to Logistics
  • Conceptualize, Manufacture and Manage
  • Operational & Cost friendly

Stacus deals with both customized and standard solutions. These include foldable large containers, foldable small containers, pallet sleeve boxes, pallet collar boxes, foldable crates, dunnage and trolleys in different size and shapes. The company’s packaging solutions depend on product base material, operation and mode of transport application. Stacus states that its designs and solutions are tested in multiple ways before delivery to industry and that all of its product solutions are a cost-effective replacement for wood, corrugated, and other substrates.

Why choose Stacus Solutions?

  • Eco-friendly, reusable and 100% recyclable
  • Unique solutions and flexible business model for product and process
  • Total cost approach which lowers the overall cost of packaging
  • Excellent sustainability and durability give longtime service to create a better return on investment.
  • Solutions available in standard and custom specification to meet customer requirements.
  • Equipped with in-house design, development and production facilities to build the solution with minimal turnaround time.

With the continuous effort, engagement and excitement towards the industry, Stacus has already built a pipeline of orders worth USD 5.5 million which they see as the potential of Q1 FY 2019-20. Stacus seeks venture capital funding and a joint venture partnership with interested global partners to capitalize on the maximum of market potential.

Read more about the Stacus Solution at  Questions may be directed to Mr. Krishna Chandar at /+91 80561 91732 and Mr. Rajesh at / +91 93444 09494.

Source: Stacus