Increasingly popular EPAL half pallet now features round central blocks to improve handling

Well suited to beverage retailing, one large Polish supermarket chain has already ordered a large quantity

EPAL half pallet

EPAL half pallet

Düsseldorf –The four-way EPAL 7 half pallet measuring 800 x 600 mm was developed as a quality assured alternative to the “Düsseldorfer” pallet. The addition of round blocks featured in EPAL 7 marks a design update from the previous EPAL half pallet.

Designed for a high safe working load of over 500 kg and weighing in at under 10 kg, it is produced in accordance with EPAL’s standards and independently quality tested which makes it extremely durable. In addition, the EPAL 7 is accessible on all sides, thus offering the best conditions for handling with forklift trucks. Six 3-mm thick steel spacers provide the EPAL 7 with additional stability and protect the four-way pallet against damage in daily use. Suitable for automated warehouses, the EPAL 7 Half pallet complies with the ISPM 15 standard and is marked with the “EPAL in oval” logo on the steel spacers. The latest version of the quality-tested EPAL 7 has now been fitted with round central blocks, which substantially improves handling of the Half pallet.

This enhancement of the EPAL 7 resulted from collaboration with EPAL Polska and it is in use in many successful test runs with large Polish retailers. Dino Polska, one of the biggest Polish supermarket chains, has already ordered a large quantity. And suppliers of Dino are also interested in the EPAL 7 pallet. The new EPAL 7 Half pallet is particularly well-suited to the drinks industry across Europe.

Product specifications for the new EPAL 7 as well as images and technical drawings, are available at the EPAL website.

EPAL helps to ensure a smooth flow of goods in the logistics world with over 600 million EPAL Euro pallets and 20 million box pallets in the world’s biggest open exchange pool. Founded in 1991 as the umbrella association of licensed producers and repairers of EPAL load carriers, EPAL is globally responsible for their consistent quality. EPAL pallets are produced from sustainably grown, CO2-neutral wood, can be repaired and recycled, and reduce transport distances thanks to their high level of availability. As a registered association, EPAL does not pursue any commercial interests and makes all its decisions in the interests of its industry, retail and logistics partners. EPAL is represented in over thirty countries by fourteen National Committees which have committed themselves to implementing the EPAL objectives.

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