CAPS’ Container Repair and Cleaning Services Increase Lifespan of Reusable Containers

Livonia, MI – May 6th, 2010 – Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) reports a recent increase of requests to provide container cleaning and repair services for privately owned fleets.  CAPS is North America’s leading provider of comprehensive container management solutions, including providing container rental, tracking, cleaning and repair services to the automotive, general manufacturing, food, beverage, cosmetic and non-hazardous chemical markets.

Since 1998, CAPS has handled the cleaning and repair of its own fleet as part of its fully outsourced container rental solution.  Over the past few years, CAPS has extended its container repair and cleaning offerings to customers owning their own fleet of polypropylene and polyethylene intermediate bulk containers (IBC) or bulk bins.  During this time, CAPS has experienced a rapid influx of container repair requests, which it attributes to companies looking for creative ways to cut costs in challenging times by extending the life of current resources and eliminating the need for capital required to purchase new assets.

“With companies watching their dollars more closely and limited capital available, we’re finding more customers wanting to increase the life of their containers by repairing rather than replacing damaged bins,” explains Bob Wiedmaier, CEO, Container and Pooling Solutions.  “With over 10 years experience, our staff of container repair and welding experts have developed an efficient, detailed repair process, including a thorough inspection of all repaired containers for guaranteed reliability.”

CAPS has repaired more than 30,000 containers over the last five years, fixing a variety of damages including forklift stabs, damaged sidewalls and damaged tilt straps using its state-of-the-art equipment and expert welding and patching techniques.

“Throughout our years of handling container repairs, we’ve developed solid relationships with our customers based on loyalty and our ability to repair and put a high percentage of assets back into the supply chain,” explains Drew Merrill, CAPS’ VP Business Development and Strategic Planning.  “Through our unique repair process, customers send their containers to our service center, where we do a detailed inspection of each bin, determine damages and allow the customer to approve our assessment before beginning any repairs.”

CAPS’ container cleaning services include the washing and removal of non-hazardous residues using proven chemicals and 3,000 PSI power washers.  Additionally, a visual inspection of each container by the company’s dedicated Quality Control Supervisor and random daily swab testing ensures cleaned containers meet customers’ stringent food compliance standards.

“Outsourcing container cleaning and repair services to CAPS allows our customers to increase operational efficiency and reduce labor costs by spending more time focused on their core business,” according to Merrill.  “Additionally, our services help clients reach their environmental goals by promoting the extended reuse of containers, rather than obtaining new assets.”

For over a decade, CAPS has been a trusted name in container management solutions.  To learn more about the CAPS’ container repair and container cleaning services, visit

About CAPS

Container and Pooling Solutions, a Livonia, MI based supply chain management company, has been offering the complete management, rental and tracking of reusable containers and material handling systems since 1998.  CAPS’ container rental and management services help its automotive, beverage, food, chemical and cosmetic customers reduce material handling costs while improving supply chain performance and initiating environmental practices.  In 2008 and 2009, CAPS was named one of Food Logistics’ top 100 technology solution providers and in 2009 was named one of Supply & Demand Chain’s Green Supply Chain award recipients.   For more information, visit or call (888) 873-2277.

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