Implementing A Reusable Packaging Solution for Cost-Effective Delivery Of Clinical Products

Insulated reusable packaging from ThermoSafe Brands’ Greenbox™  has proven to be a good fit for Global biopharma company Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).

With a growing number of biologics-based products requiring refrigeration in 2009, BMS was utilizing multiple shipper types. It was looking to improve compliance, as well as deliver a reusable packaging solution that would eliminate the storage or discarding of expendable packaging  for their doctor-office and clinic customers.

Determining that water-based gel packs were not a god fit,  BMS collaborated with other corporate locations and with its Packaging Technology Group, leading to the selection of the reusable Greenbox system. Temperature-sensitive product is placed within a medium-density polyethylene outer container, with phase-change materials and insulation help hold proper temperatures. Velcro closures are used on the Greenbox. BMS found no termal degradation after multiple uses of the container.

As a result of the switch BMS has had a reduction in excursions and loss of product, in addition to sustainability benefits.

Launched in 2009, there were 551 shipments with a 16-day average return, and a return rate of 97% of boxes. Postive feedback was received from BMS sites, site monitors, and floor operatives. The solution was found to simplify pack-out complexity and improve labor efficiency, while virtually eliminating product use. Phase ll was launched in 2010, and by early 2011 BMS was using three Greenbox sizes for all of its cold chain shipments.

BMS has used Greenbox for 5,200 shipments to date, averaging 19 days for return, and with a return rate of 97%. BMS has chosen to handle inspection and refurbishment of boxes internally rather than using a third party, but it none the less uses the same procedures used by the third party.

Now engaged in Phase III, BMS is not only evaluating Greenbox usage nationally, but for global shipments as well. The company is also evaluating cheaper transportation options such as next day or second day delivery, with confidence that product with remain within the requisite temperature range. BMS believes that Greenbox aligns well with its corporate environmental and sustainability initiatives, and will allo it to employ the same structure on a more global basis. BMS says that the Greenbox can be used up to 20 times.

Source: Greener Package

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