Implementation Plan for CC Container Shelves

In March, Container Centralen (CC) communicated that a project group consisting of representatives from the European horticultural industry would work on a solution to the CC Container shelf cost and quality problem. June 27th , the group met again to present their findings and plans.

The meeting took place in Hoofddorp, NL, with participants from different prominent organisations in the European horticultural industry. First point on the agenda was a presentation of an analysis of the CC Container pool system made by the project group.

The analysis clearly shows that pool system related costs – primarily repair costs – have accelerated since 2009 and are no longer covered by the current pool fee. The group generally acknowledges that this is not a sustainable situation, and a short-term as well as a long-term solution is needed.

Following the analysis, the project group presented recommendations, which were agreed on. These recommendations are:

  • Prepare a detailed plan to introduce a short-term solution, expected to be effective per 1st of January 2013
  • Implement a cross-organisational project group to develop and introduce an improved shelf into the pool
  • CC has to address designated areas of improvement
  • Not to grant the € 0.50 discount on the CC Container pool fee in 2013

– “We had a very constructive meeting in a good atmosphere, resulting in an outline of a project plan,” CEO of Container Centralen Roel de Jong says. -“We will now work on the detailed planning and execution of the recommended actions.”

More details about the short-term plan will be communicated by CC in autumn, and de Jong explains that a long-term solution will be planned in another cross-organisational project group. The long-term plan for creating a sustainable pool will involve a ‘copy-proof’ container shelf. First findings of this project group are expected towards the end of 2012.

– “We appreciate this open cooperation with organisations from the horticultural industry,” says de Jong. – “To ensure continued customer involvement and a close cooperation with the market, we will keep working with cross-organisational project groups and customer councils.”

Roel de Jong’s statement is further supported by the recent press release sent out by CC about an organisational change which results in the company’s activities being centralised in the Netherlands in order to be closer to the markets where CC are active. The organisational change also implies a downsizing and CC have indicated that they will continue to look into further cost saving opportunities.


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