iLogic Presents at 2013 China Pallet International Conference

The China Pallet International Conference is a major annual event in the pallet and container manufacturing industry. The 2013 China International Conference was held in Chongqing, China on November 29-30, 2013.

Following the keynote speech presented in 2012 by Victor Cheng, Pres/CEO of iLogic Inc.and adviser of the China Pallet Profesional Committee, the China Pallet International Conference invited iLogic to return as a keynote speaker at the 2013 Conference. As the only invited North American speaker, iLogic analyzed the prevailing world trend and betterment of reusable packaging. iLogic further demonstrated how masLogic, the leading-edge and innovative returnable asset management system assists companies in not only enhancing their competitiveness but save considerable amounts of money in managing and controlling their movable assets.

The new generation of masLogic, recently released by iLogic, gathered considerable attention at the Conference. The audience was absorbed by the user-friendly views of asset distribution in the system. One of the many highlights of the system is the Google Map which visually demonstrates the location and identifies the total assets at each location.

This new generation of masLogic also provides flexible and easy to use shipment recording processes and a multiplicity of reports so that customers can document and access their business/asset details at their finger tips.

The Conference was well attended with representatives from different countries, including pallet associations from Korea and Japan.Companies from Australia, Europe, Korea and Japan were also in attendance. Pallet pooling systems were further strengthened at this conference with strong support from China State of Council and related governmental ministries.

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