iLogic Meeting with China Pallet Enterprises in Chicago

The China pallet enterprise delegation visited the US recently to further explore and continue discussions on the potential collaboration between the two countries with respect to pallet management, pallet production and pallet repair technologies. One of the major stops for the group was Chicago, where participants heard about North American approaches to reusable asset tracking and control from Victor Cheng, President/CEO of leading reusable asset management software provider iLogic.ilogic-Chicago

Vic, who spoke at the China Pallet International Conference last December, briefly introduced the history of his company and its collaboration with the 9BLOC pallet pool, one of iLogic’s customers. At the same time, he explained how iLogic’s returnable asset management solution optimizes ROI.  “Returnable pack­ag­ing has become the world’s trend. Many companies use returnable assets to minimize operation cost and to achieve sustainability,” Victor said. “Our award-winning solution, masLogicTM will help companies to well manage their returnable assets and improve these assets’ usability and visibility.”

As a result of the evolution of earlier systems and the culmination of iLogic’s 30 years of consulting and development in the logistics field, the masLogicTM platform incorporates powerful features and functions. iLogic’s leading-edge technology, EASTM ( Electronic Asset Settlement) within masLogicTM, enables companies to save money on transporting, repairing and replacing mobile assets such as pallets, crates, totes, refrigerated boxes, marine shipping containers, etc. It also allows them to realize significant CO2 reductions.

iLogic Inc. is a privately held software development company and a pioneer in delivering cost-effective solutions since 1979. Its systems are used today by hundreds of corporations and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. iLogic’s chief competency includes the provision of enterprise level software solutions as well as related project implementation management and training. Vic serves as adviser to the China Pallet Professional Committee.

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