iLogic CEO to Advise China Pallet Professional Committee

The China Pallet Professional Committee has tapped Victor Cheng of iLogic as an adviser to the group. Last December, Vic was a presenter at the 7th China Pallet International Conference & the 2012 Annual Meeting of Global Pallet Entrepreneurs.

Cheng’s presentation at the China Pallet International Conference focused on:
1. the status and trends of the North American pallet industry; and
2. the role of information technology in the management of returnable assets. Victor gave a brief introduction of iLogic’s returnable asset management platform, masLogic™ and one of its important components, EAS™ (Electronic Asset Settlement). EAS™ technology permits companies to save money on transporting, repairing and replacing mobile assets and allows companies to realize significant CO2e reductions.

Follow the link to read our interview with Vic about his participation at the China Pallet International Conference.

The China Pallet Professional Committee was founded in 2001, and operates under the supervision of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. Membership includes  passionate Chinese entrepreneurs, industry experts and academic scholars. The Committee’s goal is to advance the China pallet industry and facilitate collaboration, cooperation and development within the Chinese Pallet Industry.

iLogic is the provider of masLogic pallet and container management software, with clients including 9Bloc, the collaborative U.S. pallet industry pallet pool.

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