Are Illegals Infiltrating Your Reusable Packaging Pool? RFID May Be the Answer

Editor’s note: Usually pool operators are concerned with pallets being lost or stolen from the pool. In some pools such as Container Centralen, whose comments are featured below, and EPAL, however, the concern can be with counterfeits entering into the pool. These illegals can have implications for asset performance, worker safety and product protection.

Why Bother With RFID?

A number of counterfeit containers have found their way into the CC Container pool system. Apart from getting a free ride at the expense of legal users, the counterfeits that infiltrate the system also impose serious financial and security risks on all users.

Users in Good Faith Run a Risk

Take a good look at the container in the picture (follow link). This was NOT an original CC Container, but an illegal low quality container which had been equipped with false CC identification labels. So how was the user to know that this was not an original high-quality container?

cc container

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the difference between an original CC Container and a counterfeit container when you are handling your plants in your busy daily operations. You just have a quick look, and there it is: the metal ID plate and the black padlock with the yellow barcode label which indicate that this is an original CC Container and thus a ‘paying guest’ in the
system. So the user of this container was in good faith, and now he lost a load of plants, a container, valuable time as this container stopped his flow and he also has to clean up the mess – not to mention that somebody might have been hurt!

Read more about counterfeit reusable packaging by clicking on the link below:

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