iGPS Logistics and Nice-Pak Extend Pallet Relationship

iGPS Logistics and Nice-Pak Products, Inc. have extended their pallet rental agreement, the latest benchmark in a collaborative process that began several years ago when Nice-Pak was seeking ways to create efficiencies within their supply chain.  Through its offering of a high performing plastic, RFID-tagged rental pallet, iGPS Logistics provides  the world’s leading companies one of the most advanced and cost-efficient shipping platforms available.  Nice-Pak Products, the global leader in wet wipes, has built its business by leading the way with new technologies, packaging and formulations, and their supply chain is no exception.

“Nice-Pak is always looking for creative ways to differentiate our products and service,” says Paul Vanderheyden, SVP of Operations Nice-Pak.  “We prefer to look at things in a more holistic way by building strong relationships with our partners and understanding all opportunities to gain efficiencies in our supply chain.  iGPS has proven their ability to drive efficiencies and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

“We selected iGPS as our pallet pooling partner to ensure our products arrive at their destination safely and in good condition,” Vanderheyden adds.  ” The iGPS pallets are 15 to 20 pounds lighter making them more user-friendly and efficient for our supply chain.  The lighter weight allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and meet our “Thinking Clean, Working Green” sustainability goals. ”

“The support provided by Nice-Pak is important to us at this exciting stage of re-establishing the iGPS’ plastic pallet pooling model as a compelling solution in North America,” observes Jeff Liebesman, iGPS Logistics CEO.  “We particularly like the fact that Nice-Pak views iGPS as an important part of their go to market and customer service strategy.”

“Switching to iGPS pallets is fast and easy,” continues Liebesan. “Our pallets reduce waste, reduce transportation pollution, and save fuel.  We are proud to help Nice-Pak achieve their sustainability goals by minimizing the company’s impact on the environment.”

Source: iGPS

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