IFCO Reaches Out to Consumers with Reuse Movement

IFCO SYSTEMS, the global leader in Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) for fresh products, recently established Choose to Reuse, a movement focused on educating consumers about the benefits of Reusable Plastic Containers. IFCO recently launched the website choosereuse.org to support this effort, and the site will serve as a hub for consumers to learn about RPCs and find out which of their local retailers are using them. The Choose to Reuse movement is currently using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect and engage with consumers about the importance of these products.

“Retailers are increasing their use of RPCs for produce display, creating a point of sale connection between RPCs and consumers,” said Hillary Femal, Director of Strategic Market Development for IFCO. “We see an opportunity to educate consumers directly about RPCs and drive environmentally-conscious consumers to shop at retailers they know are working towards solutions to reduce waste.”

In additional to their environmental benefits, RPCs offer another important benefit for consumers: higher quality. RPCs add protection to fresh products as they travel to their destinations, keeping food fresher for longer. Ms. Femal hopes that choosereuse.org will become a destination for bloggers and foodies interested in purchasing the highest-quality fresh produce while also supporting eco-friendly retailers.

“There is already a conversation about reducing waste through reusable products taking place across social media channels amongst consumers,” Ms. Femal said. “With this knowledge, social media seemed like a great place to start and get the word out about these unique products that up until now, consumers may have been unaware of. We hope this movement will begin to take shape and become a unique opportunity for retailers to offer something value-added to their consumers.”

IFCO will include Choose to Reuse as a part of its booth line-up focused on shoppers and the community at PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans on October 18-20, 2013. Stop by booth #318 at the show to learn more.

For more information about IFCO SYSTEMS and the Choose to Reuse movement, please contact Hillary Femal at 813-463-4124 or visit www.choosereuse.org.

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