IFCO Name Change, PECO Looks Upstream for Wins

peco blockA few interesting articles this week in the world of pallets. First comes a scoop from Pallet Enterprise, saying that IFCO will rebrand its pallet division as CHEP.

According to Pallet Enterprise, the name change will only impact the white-wood division controlled by CHEP in the USA. Brambles owned Paramount Pallet, which provides white pallet service for CHEP in Canada, is not affected.

Also worth a look is Bob Trebilcock’s interview with David K. Rosen of the Pritzker Group. What does Rosen have to do with pallets, you might ask. Pritzker owns PECO Pallet, and Rosen discusses their belief that pallet rental holds a higher calling than simply a commodity pallet business. They are hoping that pallets become more of a supply chain enabler, as I used to call such an approach. That approach isn’t exactly new, but as the years pass, the market has increasingly become more in tune with it, while providers have become more skilled at articulating it and delivering on that potential.

Seems like PECO is also looking to capture more ingredient and raw material business into manufacturing plants. Read more.