IFCO launches new website and information hub for supply chain experts

Munich, November 21, 2019: IFCO SYSTEMS, a global provider of reusable packaging pooling solutions for fresh foods, has launched a new company website. The new webpage was designed as a unique information hub for supply chain experts and decision makers. The goal of the newly designed website is to stimulate discussion that goes beyond daily supply chain business by offering expert insights into the world of IFCO.

IFCO website

The new IFCO website offers a user-friendly design and easy navigation, enabling visitors to quickly find information about IFCO’s products and services as well as relevant supply chain topics that move the industry. In the “Services & Products” section, website visitors will find detailed information about IFCO’s reusable plastic containers (RPCs), the SmartCycle™ pooling system and digital services offered. The website also provides detailed technical information and downloadable datasheets for the complete range of over 70 RPCs, that can be used for fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, bread, and other items.

Best-in-class services and products

The IFCO SmartCycle™ is a circular economy model that ensures a more sustainable and efficient supply chain. RPCs are shared in a continuous loop: From delivering clean RPCs to producers, to collecting used RPCs from retailers, inspecting, cleaning and storing them until the next loop. On its new website, IFCO provides multimedia insights into all of these processes.

For example, IFCO offers a view into its washing facilities, where best-in-class washing processes ensure hygiene and food safety. Website visitors can also experience why IFCO RPCs are suitable for automated warehouses and what sets them apart from single-use packaging. Decision makers will learn how their companies can benefit from IFCO by reducing costs, increasing food quality and minimizing environmental impact.

CEO Insights for supply chain decision-makers

Another innovation is the CEO Insights section, a new platform to discuss some of the biggest retail trends impacting the industry. On CEO Insights, IFCO’s CEO Wolfgang Orgeldinger will share his personal expertise and industry insights. “Technological change, new customer behaviour, and growing online sales of fresh produce change the grocery industry,” explained Orgeldinger. “This transformation will require new tools, strategies and technologies. We want to share our expertise in these areas to make sure our customers stay on top of trends and lead the way.”

The new online IFCO Magazine is the way for supply chain experts to stay informed. It offers interesting articles and news about topics such as food safety, sustainability, automation, innovation, and digitization. Reference cases and market studies exemplify how companies can improve their supply chains with the support of IFCO.

“At IFCO, we know there’s always more to learn. As supply chain professionals, we are eager to stay informed to continuously improve our services – because success and innovation are not possible without information,” continued Orgeldinger. “We believe that sharing our knowledge will help and inspire other supply chain decision-makers to achieve their business goals and stay ahead in the market.”