Ideas for Turning Old Pallets into Dorm Decorations

If you want to add something modern and useful to your room, consider usual wooden pallets. Wood is an inexpensive material to decorate your dorm. It is perfect to create an interior design at low cost. Your dorm will be your home for several years, and you can make it cozy with the help of wooden pallets. It’s possible to make a bed, a small coffee table, or a bookshelf on your own. Pallet décor can make your dorm look cozier. We suggest several ideas to help you design the dorm according to your taste.

pallet furniture

Photo by Creaslim on Unsplash

Crate Desk

One of the dorm space saver ideas is of crafting a desk for your studies. This will be a tiny space where you can hide from the whole world and prepare for your exams. Wooden crates and half-pallets can be used to make a desk. You will need eight large crates or six small ones to craft this table. Three half-pallets can also be used to make a desk. It will be easier to knock your table if you put the table top on the floor and then bolt the legs. You can paint your desk with chalkboard paint to create a harmonious design of your dorm.

Dorm Bookshelf

Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

You can craft other elements of interior design from old wooden pallets. A college dorm bookshelf will help you place all your textbooks and other learning materials. You should buy one or two wooden pallets depending on the number of shelves you need for your books.

Measure your dorm with the help of the measuring tape to determine how much space you can fill with this shelf. Make a decision about the size of your shelf and start to saw the pallets. Saw the pallets to get the needed length and width. Don’t forget that bottom support should be wide to support books. Use sandpaper to make the wood smoother. This will help get rid of splinters and make the desk look neater. Remove dust if pallets are dirty with the help of a sponge. Use paints if you’re creating a modern design. Leave the wood like it is if you prefer the rustic look of your furniture.


wood pallet bed

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

To make a bed from wooden pallets, you should place several pallets side by side and knock them together. The size of your future bed is the matter of your taste. First, craft the base for your mattress and then make a headboard out of pallets. You can use either zip ties or brackets. The latter will help make your construction sturdier.

It’s even easier to make this bed than to complete a written assignment. If you like crafting beds more than writing, you can make an inquiry ‘do my coursework, please’ and apply for professional coursework help. Writing coursework has never been so easy with online help! Don’t worry if you don’t have any writing talent as professionals can help you any time you need this kind of help.

Pallet Bench

You can use pallet benches diy or sofa to make your dorm interior more attractive. Check videos on making pallet benches online to understand basic steps. These videos are very popular among uk students. Therefore, ask your friends to share these videos because students fancy creative ideas whether they’re writing coursework or making DIY furniture. A bench should be a sturdy construction. Therefore, put glue on the nails when fixing the pallets. If you put soft cushions, your room will be the favorite place for students meeting and parties.

Necessary Preparations

If this is the first time when you try to make furniture with your own hands, watch several videos to have an idea of how to do. Preparation is 50% of the success of any endeavor. Count the number of pallets or wooden crates needed to craft the furniture. Ask friends for help if you realize that you can’t do it alone. Besides, you can have spent more time together and have fun while doing something useful.

Depending upon the self-made furniture project, you mayl need the following tools:

  • gloves
  • safety goggles
  • nails
  • hammer
  • glue
  • measuring tape
  • sandpaper
  • saw
  • paints

Pallets take a lot of space so when building your creation, find a place with plenty of room and be mindful of cleaning up pallet debris resulting from your project. Also, be sure to prepare the space if you’re going to paint pallets.

Here we shared several useful wood decoration ideas to stimulate your creativity and make your dorm look like your room at home. These ideas aren’t limited to the DIY ideas we described here. You can make a coffee table, crates for clothes or a wall hanging as well. Your fantasy will suggest valuable ideas for decorating your dorm. Don’t cut the wings of your imagination and try to do something original to make your dorm look outstanding.