IBC from Mailbox Helps Perrite Stay Ahead of the Competition

Mailbox, the materials handling division of Stamford Products were recently called upon to provide a customised reusable bulk container solution to eliminate waste and manual handling at Perrite, a major thermoplastic compounding company based in Warrington.

As a ‘lean’ company Perrite is always striving to continuously improve its business so it remains strong, competitive and cost effective within its market sector. Mr Stuart Madden, Mailbox’s IBC Sales Manager worked closely aside Mr Clinton Andrews, Perrite’s Training / Improvement Manager in providing Perrite with a safe and easy solution to their process requirements.

One of the key elements of the project was a system to collect and store finished product prior to packaging. This system had to meet a number of criteria to guarantee process flexibility across all the extrusion compounding lines. The outcome of this work resulted in Perrite purchasing 50  1.75 cubic metre Maximover IBC’s.

The Maximover (IBC’s) were customised to suit Perrite’s specific production requirements. Modifications included extending the body to take just over a tonne of material, which enabled them to be used for all their products of varying densities. The overall height was reduced to accommodate height restrictions found at some discharge points within the factory but also aided in eliminating any overspill when discharging. The fork guides were configured to suit their existing electric hand trucks negating the necessity for further investment, saving money. One area of major concern going into the project was the potential of any cross contamination between products. Cleaning of the containers has been found to be quick and easy, however, thanks to the smooth interior of the moulded Maximover coupled with the 200mm slide valve. A further option of a removable lid also ensures the Maximover becomes a sealed unit after/during usage.

Mr Clinton Andrews added “Apart from the obvious Health & Safety benefits the business has also seen improvements in both efficiency and yield. The investment made in the Maximover IBC’s has made a major contribution and impact on the success and integration of the new cell.”

Source: Mailbox

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