Hybrid Bin on Display at Interpoma, Bologna

interpomaMacro Plastics exhibited its Hybrid Bin at the Interpoma trade show, November 20-22 in Bolgna, Italy.

“Where better to exhibit and demonstrate this market leading packaging solution than in Europe’s largest apple growing region,” noted Rodney Salmon of Macro Plastics. “The Hybrid Bin is a perfect fit for Interpoma, a revolutionary product improving the efficiency of the transportation of apples. The aim of the show is to act as a forum for the latest trends and products; the Hybrid Bin is where the fresh produce is going.”

According to Rodney, the Hybrid Bin is the first of its kind, merging plastic and wood for the first time to bring fresh produce logistics into the 21st Century. With freshness and taste being the two drivers for consumers when purchasing fresh produce, he notes, packaging and handling are integral.  He states that the perforated sidewalls allow for better airflow and quicker cooling.

The Hybrid Bin can be safely nested into stacks and removed from the wooden frames, reducing space and costs on the return journey back to the grower.


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