How It All Unfolded in 2016: A Year in Bulk

When it comes to intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or large rigid folding containers for the material handling of parts, powders and liquids, here were the top announcements and articles featured over the last year at

Buckhorn® expands Intrepid™ IBC product line

Buckhorn Intrepid

March: Buckhorn Inc., a leading provider of reusable plastic packaging and material handling systems, is expanding its Intrepid intermediate bulk container product line, launching new features at this year’s Modex Show. Buckhorn’s 48” x 40” Intrepid is now available with or without a drop door in top or bottom discharge configurations. The bottom discharge is designed specifically for ease of use for liquid applications while the drop door provides better access to contents and improves ergonomics when installing a disposable liner. Read more.

Schoeller Allibert to Introduce Maxilog® at Foodex Event

The world’s largest manufacturer of plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP), Schoeller Allibert, has chosen this year’s Foodex show (NEC, 18-20 April) to debut the latest addition to its range of bulk containers – Maxilog® – with an introductory promotion. A strong, light and hygienic solution for bulk transportation of a variety of fresh produce and food products, the new Maxilog® is up to 20% lighter than previous bulk containers which contributes to reduced fuel costs and increased environmental efficiency. Click to read more.

Using RFID to Manage Bulk Containers: Case Studies from Automotive and Fresh Produce

April: Examples from fresh produce and automotive applications discussed at MODEX 2016 illustrate how RFID enables reusable packaging owners to better manage their assets, allowing them to reduce their need for emergency expendable packaging procurement and helping them to minimize their pool size. Read more.

Reusables 101: Reusable Packaging for Agriculture

Buckhorn CenterFlow

May: Durable, reusable packaging plays a significant role in agricultural operations. Reusables offer superior product protection and ease of handling in the field, as well as other important benefits such as increased productivity, ergonomics, and tracking capabilities. Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), including foldable bulk bins, and handheld crates are commonly used in harvest operations while other reusable packaging options are available for seeding and processing.

The use of plastic reusables in the agricultural sector goes back to at least the 1980s. Before that time, the industry relied on products such as plywood orchard bins and harvest crates. Read more.

CHEP Pallecon expands to personal care products

Widely known for their success in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in food and beverage supply chains, CHEP Pallecon Solutions is also proving its value to the cosmetic and personal care industries. Read more.

A more sustainable solution for Hilltop Fresh Flowers: Moving from cardboard cartons to CHEP’s Foldable bins

Hilltop Fresh Flowers

June: Hilltop Fresh Flowers decided to transition from cardboard cartons to foldable bins over 12 months ago. Talking about this transition, Mr Trimboli said, “This has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. By using the foldable bins from CHEP, we’ve received several major benefits relating to supply chain efficiencies, sustainability, quality control and reducing costs. Read more.

ORBIS 1000 x 1200 Bulkpak® Only Plastic Collapsible Bulk Container to Hold Up to 900 Kg for European Shipments


July: ORBIS Corporation announced a collapsible all-plastic BulkPak®reusable container for use in the European market. Designed to European dimensions and produced in Europe, the HDB1012 BulkPak is the first heavy-duty plastic bulk container in the industry to hold up to 900 kg and is a reliable substitute for metal bins. It collapses when empty for return trips, allowing for more containers per standard truck compared with noncollapsible steel tubs. Read more.

U.S. Demand for Rigid Bulk Packaging to Reach $7.2 Billion in 2020

October: Demand for rigid bulk packaging in the US is expected to expand 3.3 percent per year to $7.2 billion in 2020, spurred primarily by a favorable production outlook for chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the largest market for rigid bulk packaging products. The popularity of reusable systems, which are sold at a higher price than products intended for single use, will sustain value gains, though a less frequent replacement rate will mitigate growth somewhat. Read more.

Buckhorn to Showcase Reusable Bulk Packaging Solutions at RPA Learning Center Sessions

October: Buckhorn Inc. announced that it was a proud sponsor of two sessions to be held at the Reusable Packaging Learning Center during November’s Pack Expo Show in Chicago, IL.

Buckhorn Intrepid

The first session was a panel discussion, Bulk and Liquid Shipping and Storage: Reusable is the New Normal.

Panelists included:
• Will Dartnall (Moderator), Director of Marketing, Buckhorn
• Jack Fillmore, Director of Engineering & New Product Development, Buckhorn
• Vicente Salvà, CEO, Pusa Pack
• Patricia Mott, Technical Services & Innovation, Kagome
• Drew Merrill, Vice President & General Manager, CHEP
• Paul Rankin, President, Reusable Industrial Packaging Association

The second presentation was titled Buckhorn’s Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs): Safer. Simpler. Smarter.

Horen Plastics Makes Splash With New IBC For Fruit and Tomato Products at PACK EXPO

Horen’s FC330 at PACK EXPO

November: Horen Plastics released for the first time to the U.S. market its FruTocon 330 IBC (FC330/330 gallons) at November’s Pack Expo in Chicago. Horen states that the FC330 has been designed to provide the bulk fruit and tomato products industry a cleaner, stronger and safer storage alternative to the aging solutions currently available on the market.

“The FruToCon was extremely well received as it has the highest folding ratio of 4:1 in the IBC market and is able to be stacked five high when loaded, providing significant space saving benefits when in use or being relocated,” stated John Wissing, Horen’s Director Business Development USA. Read more.

Large Volume IBC Works Great With Plastic Bottle Preforms

GoBox 1311

November: Since its launch, has sold nearly 10,000 GoBox 1311 LRS – the largest volume pallet container in Europe. The UK’s leading independent supplier of returnable plastic transit packaging (RPTP), has seen the GoBox 1311 grow in popularity since adding it to their comprehensive range.


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