How Amatech Gives Your Returnable Packaging an Edge

rolled_3Amatech’s rolled-edge technology now makes shipping through reusable packaging safer than ever. Through the lamination and rolled-edge process, Amatech creates returnable packaging dividers and dunnage with soft, smooth edges. This innovative technology ensures products for all industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing, remain scratch free through the shipping process while also making returnable packaging safer for employees to handle.

Prior to this innovation, Amatech reports, the corrugated packaging process left dividers and packaging susceptible to having rough edges. These rough edges could lead to scratches on the product during handling and create a safety hazard for employees. Many returnable packaging providers have tried to offer a solution, but only Amatech has perfected the process.

Amatech’s innovative rolled-edge technology can be used with a variety of laminates including Spuntex, Tyvek and Evlon. Once a laminate is applied, Amatech utilizes a proprietary process to carry the laminate around the edge of the plastic. The final result is packaging dividers and dunnage with sealed, smooth edges. This effectively eliminates the risk of scratching and ensures the safety of both the product and the employee.rolled_2

“Amatech’s rolled-edge process provides additional product protection as well as improved safety for employees. We’ve been utilizing this process for more than two years. During that time, it has become the standard for the automotive industry,” says Jay Amatangelo, Amatech’s Director of Business Development.

In addition to automotive manufacturers and suppliers, Amatech’s rolled-edge technology can be used for reusable, customizable packaging across numerous other industries, including pharmaceutical, agriculture, appliance, government, electronics, manufacturing, food, retail and more.

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