HOREN launches Smart RTP* “CoRTP”on CeMAT Asia 2019

More than 700 well-known domestic and foreign logistics companies wee on display at the CEMAT trade show, covering more than 60,000sqm of exhibition space at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The event took place October 23-26 2019. 

At this prestigious event, Horen founder & CEO, Jacky Liao, officially announced the opening of the Smart RTP platform “CoRTP”.

Horen Plastics team

Traditional RTP management has a number of underlying issues being; lack of real-time data means the user can not locate the product, whether it is in use or dormant and excessive manpower and resources are required to track and manage the flow of the RTP. As a result utilization rates are very low (less than 50%), product turnover is low (less than 4 times) and loss rates are very high (up to 20%). These realistic pressures seriously restrict the circulation and sharing of logistics packaging and thus the overall efficient application of resources become a drag on the economy and the environment.

To improve the operational efficiency of the supply chain and reduce logistics costs, Horen has dedicated its R&D efforts into developing advanced IoT technologies, integrating its current logistics and packaging with mobile, cloud computing and digital technologies. The current intelligent logistics and packaging platform provides real-time updates that allow Horen and its customers to track their packages around the world, therefore attracting users from a variety of industries, including bulk liquids, fresh produce, auto parts, and chemicals.

Horen Plastics global sales team

“Smart RTP has many unique advantages compared with traditional logistics packaging,” said Liao. “Firstly, new IoT technologies reduce the packaging cost for users by up to 30% and at the same time greatly improves the packaging cycle efficiency. Secondly, more and more enterprises are aware of real-time access, storage, analysis of supply chain data, and BI to helpmake faster decisions improving their competitiveness.

“Agile decision-making has gradually replaced the more traditional scale effect, a typical feature of the digital age. Because intelligent logistics packaging runs through all aspects of the supply chain, it can accurately acquire and store massive amounts of data to improve logistics efficiencies. Horen is on the way to growing smart RTP all over the world,” Liao concluded.