HOREN IBC330 Series Approved by AAR



The Association of American Railroads (AAR), the industry trade group representing the major freight railroads of North America, has issued an approval for the use of the Horen foldable intermediate bulk container IBC330 series on its rail networks.

The Horen IBC330 series has been specifically designed for bulk liquid packaging in the U.S. market, a key part of the freight hauled by AAR members for products such as tomato paste, fruit pulp, and other liquid food and beverage ingredients.

Rail freight plays an essential role in the supply chain. Keeping the transport of liquid goods safe and cost-effective is an important factor for shippers and freight companies globally.

The Horen IBC330 series has some unique characteristics that give Horen customers the edge. They include:

  • The AAR testing proved the Horen IBC requires less dunnage than other units saving money and decreasing loading times
  • The Horen IBC load pattern enables 4 more units to be loaded per rail car increasing efficiency by 8%
  • The Horen IBC is the only unit in the market that has approval for both top and bottom dispense
  • Horen’s Lid lock system requires no strapping further reduced packaging costs
  • Horen’s double smooth wall structure makes the IBC easy to clean and is  extremely strong and durable with a load capacity of 3,306 lbs/330 gallons and a static stack load of 16,535 lbs
  • The Horen IBC330 series is returnable and reusable, with a folding ratio of 4:1, minimizing the storage space and reverse logistics cost significantly, reducing CO2 emissions and making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Please come and inspect the new IBC330 series at IFT2019 New Orleans in Booth#5040 where we will be happy to provide a full demonstration. For more information, please visit www.horengroup.com or contact John Wissing at JohnWissing@horengroup.com.


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