Horen’s IBC Solution Successfully Completes Life Cycle Testing for Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry

HOREN, a global leader in returnable packaging solutions, has announced the successful completion of life cycle testing for its Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC FC330) for the tomato and fruit processing industries.

Horen’s FC330 IBC has been specifically designed to provide tomato and fruit processors with an economical, hygienic and robust solution for the bulk storage and handling of their products. Typically, these industries process, then store products for an extended period meaning their IBC’s must withstand extended exposure to the elements.

Horen IBC vegetable processing

Horen products are characterized by their long service life, even if they are operated in the most adverse conditions. To achieve this durability, individual parts, as well as complete products, are subjected to comprehensive life cycle tests at the Horen Testing & Innovation Centre.

The tests cover the product’s chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance as well as their suitability for specific climate conditions. This includes extended storage when stacked 5 high in outside conditions, typical of the tomato processing industry.

“It’s been some time since a new solution has been available to the tomato sector and we wanted to make sure that our FC330 would perform for the whole of life. When combined with our approval from the Association of American Railroads (AAR) last year, we believe this is the ultimate solution for the industry” said John Wissing, Horen’s North American Director.

The Horen Testing & Innovation Centre provides numerous test facilities to determine the service-life of Horen’s range of returnable packaging including climatic cabinets and simulation systems for different transport solutions including vibration testing, impact & pressure assessment, drop testing and robotic life cycle testing of all moving parts.

In addition, Horen is also able to conduct its own Industry Standards testing, increasing speed to market and providing comprehensive results to our customers in a timely manner.

The digital transformation of Horen products is also a focus of the Testing & Innovation Centre. IoT applications can be simulated and monitored for a range of tracking & transmission technologies as well as providing a base for the research, development, and testing of Horen products for all IoT and Industry 4.0 environments.

Horen IBC fruit processing

Source: Horen