Horen Foldable Crate Minimizes Life Time Washing Costs

Two of the returnable packaging industry’s most innovative companies have recently teamed up to evaluate the Horen Group’s next generation foldable plastic crate.

Designer and producer of smart Returnable Transport Packaging Horen Group and developer and manufacturer of automatic cleaning and handling solutions for the RTP sector Bruel Systems A/S tested Horen’s crate against the most widely used pooling crates in the market.

Using Bruel’s latest Spin Drying technology the Horen crates were tested at various speeds and cycle times – with the Horen crate retaining 70% less water. Not only does this mean a drier crate but the lower folded height of the Horen crate also means more Horen crates can be dried per hour – drastically improving wash economics for poolers.

“When we set out to design the Horen foldable crate, not only did we want a crate that has much more features and benefits than other crates on the market, we also wanted it to have the lowest whole of life cost for our customers. Our customers operate large pools of equipment and any saving in washing costs directly translates to increased profitability for them and higher efficiency for their customers” said David Edwards, Horen’s Retail Lead.

Bruel Head of Project, Leif Thomsen goes on to say “We were impressed by the level of dryness of the Horen crate due to its smooth walled design and cleverly designed drainage points. Bruel spin dryers are designed to help poolers increase drying efficiency and when combined with the Horen crate we really saw this emphasized”.

For further information please contact:

David Edwards david@horengroup.com+64 21 457 835

Leif Thomsen let@bruelsystems.com +45 9892 0011