Hong Kong Manufacturers and Retailers on Cusp of Capitalising on Retail Ready Packaging

Loscam Expert Addresses 13th GS1 Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit, 8th Nov 2013 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Loscam's David Edwards speaks about packaging at GSI Conference

Loscam’s David Edwards speaks about packaging at GSI Conference

LOSCAM, Asia Pacific’s leader in pallet and retail ready solutions, recently addressed the GS1 Conference on packaging solutions to create extra value at the retail store.

Presented by David Edwards, Loscam’s General Manager Group Business Development, the session provided real life examples of how returnable packaging such as small format pallets, new age foldable crates and beverage trays can increase efficiencies and improve the sustainability levels of supply chains.

Over 100 delegates enjoyed the interactive session in which real life case studies demonstrated the benefits and pitfalls of introducing modern forms of returnable packaging. The reduction in use of secondary cardboard packaging is a real focus of the region’s major manufacturers and this creates opportunities to enhancing customer value through innovation. The beverage industry in Europe was showcased as an example where more than 70 percent of products are delivered through to retail floors without any form of secondary packaging at all.

Scene from the 2012 GS1 event.

Scene from the 2012 GS1 event.

“Judging by the level of interest in what was presented here today, I really do believe manufacturers and retailers are on the cusp of capitalising on the savings made possible through collaborating on retail ready projects” David said.


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