Honda Logistics Offers Customized 3PL services and Patented Reusable Crates to Mid-Sized Companies

Cypress, Calif. – Komyo Logistics, a company providing 3rd party logistics (3PL), distribution, warehousing, reusable crate manufacturing and management (“green logistics”) as well as transportation management, will officially launch its 3PL services and patented reusable crates during Modex 2012 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, February 6-9. Komyo will demonstrate the clear competitive advantage its 3PL services give customers while exhibiting its patented, reusable shipping crates. Operations officers, logistics purchasers and transportation managers at small to mid-sized companies ready to grow from successful local to regional, national or even international distributions will benefit from what Komyo provides.

“Outsourcing logistics enables companies, especially small to mid-sized ones without established distribution networks, to grow considerably faster than they otherwise could,” says Gregory Healy, Vice President of Komyo Logistics. “Most 3PL providers cater to large companies and offer static packages and pricing. Komyo flexibly gives smaller companies a fighting chance by leveraging relationships and networks forged on behalf of larger, multinational conglomerates.”

Patented Reusable Crates and Significant ROI

Komyo is one of the first companies to use reusable crates to lower packing costs, which inherently enables shippers to adopt environmentally friendly or “green” operations. Komyo’s crate design is patented.

Komyo’s reusable crates are the key to its business model. Users typically reap significant return on investment (ROI), because the crates reduce costs and allow for flexibility in a variety of ways. They cut packaging costs by eliminating the need for pallets and reducing waste materials such as shrink and bubble wrap. The crates interlock, so they do not shift in transit, keeping products secure and reducing damage-associated costs.

Komyo’s crates are designed around the inside dimensions of a 53-foot trailer to maximize cubing when shipping products. Various crate sizes allow for flexibility in transport and for customers to mix small, medium and large-sized crates to fully maximize trailer volume.

An important additional benefit to Komyo crates is flexible racking. Since they interlock and are designed with convenient folding panel doors that allow for easy and efficient access to products, Komyo’s crates can be safely stacked up to seven high and used as storage racks. And because empty crates can be folded and stored or shipped back for reuse, they allow for flex storage solutions that meet seasonal peak and valley storage requirements.

Komyo Crate Availability and Specifications

Komyo crate prices range depending upon size. The minimum purchase quantity is five crates. They are available in various sizes:

Crate Size Measurements in Inches
Pallet 47.50L x 42.25W x 46.00H
Small 62.50L x 90.50W x 35.00H
Medium 62.50L x 90.50W x 49.00H
Large 62.50L x 90.50W x 65.00H
X-Large 80.75L x 90.50W x 49.00H
International 47.00L x 89.00W x 44.00H
Custom Manufactured to specifications

About Komyo Logistics

Komyo Logistics (Komyo) was established in California in May 2002. Komyo’s parent company, Honda Logistics, Inc. (“HLI”), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Komyo is a company providing 3rd party logistics (3PL), distribution, warehousing, crate manufacturing and management (“green logistics”) and transportation management. Komyo’s unique 3PL services and patented returnable crates provide small to mid-sized companies-that are growing into larger entities-a previously unavailable cost-effective and flexible offering in the logistics and warehousing industry. This business model introduces a new way for entrepreneurial companies to compete on a national, even international, scale using methods invented for and proven by large, international conglomerates. Komyo’s patented, reusable crates are the key to its business model, because they reduce costs and allow for flexibility in a variety of ways. For more information, call: 1-888-565-6696 or go to:


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