Has the IoT Hype Balloon Withered?

  • Rethink Technology Research Releases a Ground Breaking IoT White Paper
  • Analyst firm demystifies cloud of confusion surrounding the IoT


BRISTOL, UK–Rethink Technology Research, a research and analyst company focusing on IoT, video and wireless, says it felt compelled this week to release a white paper to set the IoT record straight. According to Rethink, articles like the ones below show that IoT no longer has much tangible meaning to people:

The Plague of Confusion in the Industrial IoT [Real-Time Innovations (RTI) ]
Widespread confusion still surrounds IIoT [The Manufacturer]
Tech Trends 2018: What Is The Internet of Things? [G2 Crowd]
“What exactly is the Internet of Things?” [ThoughtWorks]

Alex Davies explains the current state of the IoT, what it really means to people in the industry now and where it is heading, as well as forecasting where the IoT will be by 2026.

“We have seen countless estimates of the size and growth of the IoT. All of these have been misleading, and now a few years removed from some of the most optimistic, we can see that the IoT hype-balloon has withered. The wider technology industry is now, slowly, waking up to the fact that the trend pitched as the answer to so many problems is actually quite problematic – an evolutionary rather than revolutionary panacea.”

The free white paper entitled “Where has the IoT been going wrong and why it is important?”, demystifying the questions that seem to be surrounding the IoT industry, can be downloaded here.