GT+plastics debuts plastic pallet line at PACK EXPO Las Vegas


Left to right, David Gomez – President, Jay Garner – Head of Sales & Marketing, and Dan Tafaro – North American Sales

GT+plastics recently unveiled its plastic pallet product line to U.S. pallet buyers in the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, including its newest offering, the TA100, a rackable 48×40″ model with various design options. The company’s product mix includes reusable, custom and one-way or export pallet lines.

The Las Vegas appearance marked the first U.S. show for the company, which is a division of GT Global, a diversified international company that dates back to 1912. GT+plastics has over 50 years of injection molding experience. The company recently set up its GT+plastics USA office in Houston, Texas in 2018, and also opened a distribution facility in Ft. Worth. It has also created a sales team consisting of regionally based sales professionals to cover the North American market.

New to GT+plastics is the TA100, a 40×48″ rackable pallet. “We can configure the pallet in a number of different ways with or without steel,” explained Jay Garner, Director, North American Sales. At the high end of the scale it can edge rack up to 3,300 pounds. The weight of the pallet depends upon whether or not there is steel and how it is configured. With no steel, it weighs 42 pounds.  The maximum performance version weighs around 55 pounds.

The pallets, Garner said, are molded from HDPE, including material sourced from a GT+plastics recycling facility. “Taking usable material and diverting it from the waste stream to make usable products has been a passion for GT+plastics,” he said.

The company also produces reusable 48×48″ rackable pallets, a 37×37″ beverage pallet, and other 40×48″ pallets for a variety of applications and performance levels.

custom plastic pallet

Additionally, GT+plastics offers their OMNI custom pallets, which it makes from extruded high-density polyethylene profiles. Components are cut to length as needed and assembled, thus eliminating the expense of tooling or molds. These custom pallets are extremely durable, and they come with a 5-year warranty, and typically last in excess of 10 years.

The company also offers one-way pallets, which start at just 16 pounds and which can fit up to 1,900 units per truckload. They are available in nestable form or with bottom deck options.