Groupe d’aucy goes for quality pallets with LPR-La Palette Rouge

After more than six years of successful partnership, the Groupe d’aucy cooperative, the French leader in canned vegetables, has chosen to renew its contract with the European pallet-pooling specialist, LPR-La Palette Rouge (a Division of Euro Pool Group). Not only that, but it is extending its partnership to include more of its canned vegetables and ready meals business, for a total of 450,000 tonnes of goods.

Since 2010, LPR-La Palette Rouge has been handling 50,000 pallet movements a year for Groupe d’aucy, mostly in the 600×800 and 1000×1200 categories. In 2016, to ensure the highest possible service quality and the most practical solution, the Groupe d’aucy decided to extend the service to include 800×1200 pallets. “We hadn’t used this format very often with LPR. We wanted to improve our service and offer customers pallets of irreproachable quality, an issue that is and will become increasingly important in their eyes,” explains Xavier Chamaillard, Logistics Manager for Compagnie Generale de Conserves, the Group’s parent company.

As a specialist in the production and distribution of canned vegetables and ready meals, the Group issued a call for tenders from the main players in the sector, and in the end again chose to entrust its operations to LPR: “We chose LPR for quality reasons, but also for its European reach, which perfectly matches our needs, as 25% of our production is exported. We concluded that a renting system would enable us to concentrate on our core business, and this new management system has allowed us to do just that. We are already achieving real time-savings, especially regarding inspections on reception, which is much less onerous with a renting system,” adds Chamaillard.

LPR-La Palette Rouge will help the Group handle its 450,000 tonnes of goods, from its five dispatch centers located around the country in Lanvénégen, Saint-Thurien, Locminé, Bergerac and Contres right through to its customers, major players in the fast-moving consumer goods sector and specialized wholesalers in Out-of-Home Catering. This new service brings the number of annual pallet movements managed by La Palette Rouge to 400,000, eight times the volume covered by the previous contract.

Source: LPR