Greif Launches New Barrier Protection Technology for IBCs

gcube shield Greif

Greif, a provider of industrial packaging products and services, has introduced advanced barrier protection technology for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

GCUBE Shield can be used for a range of marketing applications, including flavors and fragrances, paint, agrochemical, specialty chemicals and food and beverages.

With improved product stability, shelf-life and operational performance, the new GCUBE Shield is said to offer better barrier protection compared to fluorinated and six-layer IBCs.

GCUBE Shield allows extending shelf-life of food products through providing protect ion against oxygen permeation into the container.

It will also help retaining the original characteristics solvent-based products or agrochemicals through minimizing the loss of gases.

The new IBC can be produced with Greif’s three-layer machines, which are already engaged in producing standard GCUBE IBCs.

GCUBE Shield’s innermost layer contains 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE), which complies with current legislation for food and chemical compatibility.

The new intermediate layer includes GCUBE Shield blend that minimizes the permeation of gases both in and out of the polyethylene, while the external layer enables customisation including colours and antistatic.

According to the company, GCUBE Shield is recyclable as the barrier blend can be reused for further applications.

The company is currently producing GCUBE Shield at its facilities in Italy and Germany, and it will be expanded to the Netherlands, Russia, China and the US in the near future.

Greif EMEA IBC and plastic product manager Luca Bettoni said: “We are continuously investing in our GCUBE IBC solutions and the Shield barrier technology is an extremely significant development.

“Ultimately our investment means that customers benefit from a longer product shelf-life; a reduction in dangerous emissions into the air coming from their product; and increased protection of their product against oxygen permeation from outside the container.”

Greif operates nine IBC facilities across EMEA and 13 facilities across the globe. The firm is planning to open a new facility in Russia next year.

Source: Greif