Greenhouse Vegetable Leader Chooses RPCs from IFCO

Westmoreland Sales Group looks to RPCs from IFCO Systems for improved food safety and customer service.

Topline WestmorelandRetailers from across North America will be receiving TopLine brand tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers from Westmoreland Sales Group in Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCS).  A leading Canadian greenhouse vegetable producer, Westmoreland has agreed to a two-year contract with leading reusable solution provider IFCO SYSTEMS.

The reasoning of the Leamington, ON-based Westmoreland Sales Group behind the signing weighed heavily to IFCO’s history of excellent customer service and commitment to food safety. IFCO’s proximity to Westmoreland’s facilities, capacity for rapid response, and ability to supply RPCs to service increasing retail sales for Westmoreland’s product, were cited as additional factors in the decision to go with IFCO.

“We are working with IFCO to ensure our Topline products arrive to our retail customers in the best possible condition while lowering costs through the supply chain,” comments Brian W. Blommaert, Chief Executive Officer of Westmoreland Sales Group. “The IFCO RPC solution also supports Westmoreland’s commitment to the environment by helping to reduce the number of cardboard boxes used.”

IFCO handles the cycle of RPC logistics requirements for Westmoreland, ranging from distribution to cleaning to re-entry into the supply chain. Following the completion of each retail use, IFCO RPCs are folded, collected and shipped back to one of IFCO’s service facilities, where they are sanitized and prepared for re-use.

topline logo 2“Westmoreland is a great partner, and we are pleased the company is using IFCO RPCs to deliver high quality product to retailers in the US and Canada,” says Dan Walsh, President of IFCO North America. “We are constantly developing new solutions to address specific opportunities at companies like Westmoreland, and their move to our program is proof that trading partners and consumers benefit from working toward the common goal of greater service and safety,”

Based in Leamington, Ontario with offices in Michigan and New Jersey, Westmoreland Sales Group is a major greenhouse vegetable grower. Find out more at

IFCO, which first launched RPCs in 1992, has over 200 million Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) deployed in 33 countries, and is the leading provider of reusable containers to the fresh food sector worldwide. IFCO processes greater than 1 billion RPC transfers each year, transporting the containers to fresh produce growers and other users and collecting them from retail distribution centers to begin a new use cycle. IFCO is part of Brambles Limited (