Green Ox® Pallet Technology Joins PMA’s Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety

For a second year in a row, Green Ox® Pallet Technology is reinforcing their commitment to food safety through the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety.

By participating in the PMA Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety, Green Ox Pallet Technology joins more than 300 fresh produce suppliers and buyers—from growers and distributors to retailers, foodservice operators, and solutions providers.

“We understand the importance of food safety not only from a business standpoint, but also from a human condition standpoint,” said Colin Clark, Director of Business Development. “We are honored to support the Gold Circle Campaign’s efforts to strengthen global food safety in addition to supporting initiatives that will help protect the general public from the ill effects of the contamination of our food supply.”

PMA, a global trade organization representing companies from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain, founded the Gold Circle Campaign to address the industry’s challenge of increasing food production with fewer resources while bolstering confidence in the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. In particular, the Campaign funds critical research and education delivered by dozens of research-based organizations, including the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) at the University of California, Davis. CPS focuses on prevention research that delivers real-world solutions applicable to the entire produce supply chain.

Green Ox states that it plays a critical role in food safety because its pallets are 100% sterile and bear no risk of product contamination from chemicals (fumigation for ISPM-15, chlorine, pesticides, or fertilizers), biohazards (feces or blood), or infection from e-coli, listeria, and other food-related diseases. The possibility of cross-contamination from multiple uses of the same pallet is removed because Green Ox Pallets were designed with a “one and done” model as the goal. In addition to food safety, corrugated pallets offer many other business benefits including savings on fuel and transportation costs, a reduction in product damage and employee injuries, and the ability to minimize the user’s environmental footprint.

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