Grayling to Unveil Two New IBCs at PACK EXPO

Grayling Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of intermediate bulk containers and liners will be presenting two new IBC containers at the PACK EXPO event. Featured at the exhibition will be a disposable, recyclable IBC as well as a collapsible, reusable tote.

According to Grayling, the PaperIBC™ container is an environmentally friendly alternative to steel and plastic drums, bottle-in-cage totes and other types of intermediate bulk containers. The PaperIBC™ is completely recyclable, biodegradable and waste-to-energy efficient. The PaperIBC™ container only requires one person less than 5 minutes to assemble for filling. The container passed stringent ISTA testing and meets NMFTA requirements.
The president of Grayling Industries, Kurt Ross, says, “We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce to the industry the PaperIBC™ container with our Guardian™ Form-Fit Liner”

The Buckhorn™ Caliber 315 reusable intermediate bulk container is manufactured using high pressure injection molding and is made from FDA approved materials. The container capacity is 315 gallons or 3,300 pounds. The smooth interior and exterior surfaces allow for easy cleaning and the collapsible design of the product minimizes storage space requirements and freight costs.

Per Ben Greene, Marketing Manager for Grayling, “The Buckhorn container is a very robust and functional collapsible tote that can be an economical IBC option for many processors of bulk liquids”.

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