Got Hardy-Built™? Sustainable, Cost-Effective Shipping for a Global Dairy Market Leader

The Problem: Weak and Unreliable Containers Hamper Supply Chain Efficiency and Profit

A worldwide supplier of evaporated milk sought a sustainable, reusable shipping system to move high-volume quantities of powdered milk into the Asia Pacific market. Its existing solution utilized a wire, form-flip lock system deployed on commercially manufactured toolboxes. With each shipment, more than 80% of these locks had to be replaced, wasting time and money on repairs and replacement containers.

The Challenge: Tons of Evaporated Milk Per Shipping Container, Thousands of Shipments

Hardy Graham had to design and develop a container system configuration rugged enough to withstand 1600 kilos (more than 2.5 tons) of evaporated milk per container for dependable, repair-free and replacement-free usage over thousands of shipments and years of service within a sustainable container supply chain context.

The Solution: Hardy-Built™: From Pasteurization to Powder to Phnom Penh…and Back

Hardy Graham configured an easy-to-assemble and disassemble Hardy-Built™ container set that featured an incredibly rugged open and closure system. Deployed directly to the powder milk processing plant, after having the interior faces of their panels and lid lightly sanded to protect the super-sized plastic bags from abrasion during transit. Container assembly was quick, easy and required no special tools. Once filled they were ready for safe shipment throughout the Asia Pacific. Upon arrival, the Hardy-Built™ container was equally intuitive to laborers across borders, and enabled quick opening, dispersal of the contents and subsequent return of the disassembled empty containers for refilling.

The Outcome: Hardy Graham Provided a Cost Effective Solution For All Concerned

Hardy Graham equipped our customer with our fastening systems to retrofit and reclaim about 3200 existing containers with defective latching systems and went on to supply its Hardy-Built™ Fastening Systems for more than 27,500 additional containers over an eight-year period. Hardy Graham cut our customer’s repair and replacement percentages by 80% using our fastening system.

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