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PICTURE BY JIM HOLDEN 07590 683036Go Plastic Pallets EastbourneAfter a month of seasonal cheer, retail outlets are in for a month of battle as the January sales get underway. With competition rife, at this time of year shop retailers are more reliant than ever on their promotional displays for grabbing customers’ attention and believes it holds the solution with its plastic point-of-sale pallet.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Figures from the British Retail Consortium show that UK retail sales values were up 1.9 percent in January last year on a like-for-like basis from January 2012, when they were down 0.3 percent on the preceding year.

“Shop retailers however have suffered severely in the last year not only because of the recession but due to the increasing popularity of online retailing which is growing at more than 15 percent annually.

“Consumer confidence might be on the up, but shop retailers need to be smarter with their in-store promotions and this is where our plastic display pallet can help.”

PICTURE BY JIM HOLDEN 07590 683036 Go Plastic Pallets’s APB6080 display pallet allows retailers to ship products straight to the shop floor, sparing the hassle of unpacking products in the store room, as pallet trucks can transfer the loaded pallets directly to the merchandising area. As a result, retailers can achieve cost and environmental savings as the process requires fewer staff and generates less packaging waste. Not only that, but the APB6080 point-of-sale pallet offers a safe and hygienic option for displaying merchandise.

Keith Jenkins from Proteus Packaging, specialists in printing packaging systems, said that’s plastic display pallet makes the construction of the cardboard display much simpler and cheaper. “The slot around the top of the pallet is deep enough to hold the display securely in place” he stated.

The APB6080 point-of-sale pallet has been specially designed with a slot around the top deck to fit a 7mm cardboard display box or plastic sleeves. As the pallet nests, it saves considerable space in storage and transportation as it can be piled up to 78 pallets high, which allows a standard trailer load of 66 stacks to transport 5,148 pallets in one go. When reversed, the pallet stacks, making it suitable for pallet loading cassettes and automated systems.

Measuring 800mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 130mm (H), the APB6080 display pallet is available with an open or closed deck, with or without an edge rim. The standard pallet comes in recycled black high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or virgin HDPE.

For large orders, the pallet is available in a variety of different colour options and can be personalised with a moulded insert allowing retailers to protect their products from damage or loss in transportation. Manufactured by SmartFlow in Belgium, the APB6080 point-of-sale pallet is available in the UK exclusively through

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