Now Offering Versatile 1212mm x1212mm Pallet Versions

Go plastic Pallets of is now offering a trio of pallets popular with industrial and manufacturing industries, from nuclear waste and chemicals to food and soft drinks.

Now available in lightweight, medium-duty and heavy-duty versions,’s 1212mm (L) x 1212mm (W)plastic pallet range offers customers a solution for every application, from low weight shipments to heavy weight bulk consignments.

Weighing just 7.6kg, the new lightweight open deck nestable pallet – the Qpall 1212 L – offers a static load capacity of 2,500kg and a dynamic load capacity of 1,000kg so, for low weight exports, this pallet really is a money saver. Capable of stacking up to 50 pallets high when empty, a standard 13.6m trailer can carry 1,000 of these pallets at a time, so further cost savings can be made on return journey transportation.

The medium duty Qpall 1212 M6R pallet offers all the safety and hygiene benefits of plastic. The medium duty 1212 pallets have a static load capacity of 7,500kg and a dynamic load capacity of 1,375kg and, depending on the model, can hold up to 600kg in racking.

If heavy loads are handled, look no further than’s APB1212 HR 6R. The heavy-duty open deck full perimeter pallet is the powerhouse of the 1212 range. Its superior strength and durability means it can withstand the heavy handling sometimes imposed in transit, including 4 x 45 gallon drums, often used in the transportation of oil or radioactive waste. Although the APB1212 HR 6R is comparable to the medium duty version in terms of static load capacities, it stands apart in its racking system durability, where it can withstand almost double the weight at 1,000kg and boasts a huge dynamic loading of 1,500kg. The Qpall 1212 M6R and the APB 1212 HR6R, which have a full perimeter base as standard, are also available in a non-perimeter (three runner) version.

Screen-printing to customise the pallets with a company name or logo can also be provided. For further information about’s range of 1212pallets, visit

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