Puts a Lid on Automotive Packaging Challenges

pallet and lid system from GoBox

The GoBox 1210 Pallet & Lid System is a unique two-way transit system that safely stores and transports automotive and engineering component parts. says that moving automotive components from the manufacturer to the assembly plant has never been simpler with the introduction of its new Pallet & Lid System.

The  GoBox 1210 Pallet & Lid System from provides a one-of-a-kind two-way transit system that safely houses and moves cart parts in returnable transit containers. Containers are then retreived for reuse.

Contstructed of a very strong and durable injection-molded plastic pallet and pallet cover, the company states that its GoBox 1210 Pallet & Lid System securely transports Euro, Folding and RL-KLT containers in both an upright position when full, and an upturned position when empty, unlike other transit systems, providing a fast and effective solution for the returned delivery of these containers.

After being displayed at the 2013 Automotive Engineering Show in Birmingham, the company won an order from one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of automotive components and workshop consumables, who is now using the system for transporting exhausts and engine parts.

The GoBox 1210 Pallet & Lid System is compatible with three container footprints – 200mm x 300mm, 400mm x 300mm and 600mm x 400mm.  The system can support container stacks of up to 2.4 metres high.

Manufactured from virgin, fully recyclable high density polyethylene, the 1200mm x 1000mm full perimeter pallet has a smooth, sealed top deck on 5 runners and a unique 22mm retaining lip that keeps the containers stable in transit. Weighing 19.6 kg, the pallet can tolerate loads of 5000kg when static, 1500kg during transit and 1000kg in racking systems.

The pallet lid that measures 1210mm x 1010mm x 44.5mm has ribs on the underside which secure the chosen container configuration. Location ribs on the four corners, locate the pallet beneath the containers to ensure a safe and sturdy stack. Useful hand holes allow the lid to be easily positioned and removed, however the lid can also be supplied without hand holes upon request.

The pallet and lid come in pale grey as standard, although other colours and branding options are available for orders of 500+ units.

collapsed containers

Go Plastic Palletts Eastbourne

The pallet base has a unique 22mm retaining lip that keeps containers stable in transit.


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