Offers Reusable Plastic Crates with More Durable Bale Arms

Reusable plastic crates are fundamental for storing, transporting and distributing perishable goods from the producer to the retailer, says U.K. based supplier, yet it wonders if users of such packaging question whether the type of plastic crates they use offer maximum return on investment. The company stresses that its range of food crates that stack and nest provide all the advantages of traditional bale arm crates, but with the huge additional benefit of offering a prolonged life span.

Russell Smith, Business Development Manager for, explains: “Bale arm crates get their name from the lever or ‘bale arm’ that moves forward and backward to allow either positive stacking or nesting, which ensures minimal wastage space in storage and transit. He notes that the traditional bale arm crate design however is not as durable or hygienic as other more modern alternatives on the market for several reasons.

“The bale arm is a moving part so frequent use weakens the lever,” Russell adds, “which can loosen over time and eventually break off. Those using this style of crate must also take extra care since fingers and loose clothing can easily get trapped. Another important consideration is hygiene. Dirt and dust can accumulate in the areas beneath the moving bale arm which in humid environments provide the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.” He points out that the range of food crates that stack and nest do not have movable parts, so they offer a much tougher, cleaner and longer lasting solution for retailers.

“The crate’s clever design allows a 180 degree rotation offering stable stacking of goods and nesting to 50 per cent when empty, helping businesses achieve maximum vehicle fill and reduce fuel costs on return journeys from the retailer,” Russell continues. “For instance, a standard sized trailer can hold up to 3,960 of our GoBox 4950 FD crates – measuring 600mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 140mm (H) – making it one of the most popular models in our range.

“The crates are available with perforated or solid side walls, each style offering its own benefits. Those with perforated side walls allow good air flow helping preserve the quality of perishable goods in storage and transit. These also act as drainage holes, ideal for handling meat and poultry. Our solid-walled versions have straight, smooth sides which are easy to clean and give maximum internal storage space.

“Hand holes are standard features on all of our food crates, but solid versions are available with label holders. We also offer customisation options for orders of 500+ including a choice of different colours and printing methods.”

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