Good Results for Groupe PGS

On September 30, 2010, leading French pallet company PGS Group ended fiscal 2010 with a turnover of 109.9 million euros, up 19.8% over the previous year.

With a double-digit growth in 2010, the current year is positive and this confirms, once again, an increase in sales for the pallet provider in 2011. These findings are the result of aggressive growth strategy underway since 2009, despite the crisis. This development is based partly on an increased customer base and strengthened positions in growth and mature markets, as well as diversification of activities, including new pallet manufacturing.

As usual, and within 5 years, the GSP Group has doubled its revenue thanks to a rise of significant activity on the timber and pallet manufacturing, and operations of external growth centered on its heart of business. The activity of reconditioning pallets has recorded the first signs of recovery and growth, with demand outstripping supply and stocks are at their lowest. The Group’s foreign subsidiaries PGS (Spain and Belgium) show in 2011, accumulated between them, a doubling of their turnover as a sign of commercial dynamism of these entities.

In a context of gradual economic recovery, the PGS Group demonstrated resilience, and the quality of products and services and responsiveness of the organization are major advantages that make the difference in winning market share. Buoyed by the strength of its strategy, PGS is well positioned to benefit from the expected recovery and continue to strengthen in 2012 its leadership in the market for new and reconditioned pallets. The company  has committed 10 million euros for capital investment over 2011/2012,  to develop production tools to increase productivity and to fully meet customer expectations today and tomorrow.

About Groupe PGS

The PGS Group (Pallets Management Services) is the French leader of wooden pallets, new and reconditioned, and sawing pallet. Its complete its European network and make it the leading logistics sector of the packaging. PGS has 6 sawmills, 7 manufacturing sites and 28 sites pallet reconditioning, enabling it to provide its own annual production of 278,000 m3 of sawnwood, 7.3 million new pallets and 14 million pallets reconditioned.

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